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Sports on Christmas?

December 25, 2010

1st off Merry Christmas!  This Christmas Day there are several NBA games being played throughout the day and one NFL game on at night.  I don’t know about all of you but I am not fond of there being professional games played on Christmas Day.  Christmas is such a family oriented holiday.  Athletes should not have to play on Christmas Day, they should be home with their families relaxing and enjoying the holiday.   Lebron James stated in an interview that “We always say it’s good for the fans. But the fans get an opportunity to see us all year. We’ve got TV games all year. We’ve got a TV game on Thursday (in Phoenix). I don’t care for it too much.” You might be thinking “for what he is being paid he shouldn’t care if he play on holidays;” well he is a human being too and the leagues should have the decency to realize that there are more important things than making money. 

Thanksgiving is a different story.  It has been a long time tradition in the NFL to play on Thanksgiving and when you think of Thanksgiving you think of turkey, pie, and football.  I am not sure about all of you but I don’t usually watch NBA on Christmas even if my favorite team is playing.  Another thing is, if you are going to have games played on Christmas why do only some teams play and the rest have the day off?  I just do not think the athletes should miss time with they’re families on such a special holiday.  Yes, some players might not celebrate the holiday, but then give them a day off today so that they can just celebrate with their families. 

Let me know what you all think and have a happy and safe holiday.

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