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2012 is Just Around the Corner

January 3, 2011

It hasn’t been 2011 for a week and it already seems like the world is going to end.  We all have heard the rumors of the Mayans predicting that the world will end on December 21st, 2012.  Well they might be right.  In fact it seems like the world might end even sooner.  On Sunday just over 2,000 red-winged black birds were found dead in a small Arkansas town.  The mayor of the town stated that on Friday afternoon, birds began falling from the sky.  The last bird recorded came on Sunday morning.  The mayor sent out 12 to 15 workers to clean up all the birds.  Now as if this story isn’t weird enough, the believed cause of the birds death is stress from all the New Years Eve fireworks that were set off on Friday night.

Now I’m not a person who believes in things like 2012, however this is still some pretty freaky shit.  I could see maybe one or two birds falling dead in a town, but over 2,000!  Holy Balls is that a lot of dead birds.  I’m not sure if I’m buying that the fireworks led the birds to be stressed out.  Arkansas needs to change whatever the hell they’re doing over there because its not good to have birds falling out of the sky like that.  Birds are supposed to fly and stay in the sky.  Welcome the first weird news story of 2011.

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